3 Reasons To Actually Use Your Antique Furniture

If you are a fan of antique furniture, then you might want to do what you can to preserve it. This might mean that you keep it in storage or in a room of your home where it's never used. This is totally understandable, but if you truly love antique furniture, you might find that you enjoy it a whole lot more if you actually use it. These are a few reasons why you should consider actually putting your antique furniture to use.

3 Accents Every Modern Farmhouse Needs

Of all the decorative styles and trends available, the modern farmhouse is becoming a popular trend due to its casual feel and rustic nature. While there are many stores and online boutiques that specialize in farmhouse accents and furniture, incorporating these elements into your home can become overwhelming at times. Thankfully, this guide will help you get started. Here are a few must-have accents every modern farmhouse needs. Shiplap In historical homes, shiplap was a common covering for most of the walls.

All About Patio Furniture

When you like to spend a lot of your free time outside on your patio, you want to be able to do so on comfortable patio furniture that makes the experience that much better. When you are deciding on the right furniture for your patio, there are some things you should consider. There are also some things you should do in order to protect the patio furniture you do decide to go with.

3 Tips For Furnishing An Entire Studio On A Budget

Purchasing new furniture for a studio apartment can be easier then with a one-bedroom or larger place, but it can still come with some concerns since you might want the apartment to feel as organized as possible. If you're just beginning to look into visiting a furniture store to replace furniture for your apartment, you'll need to take some time to look out for furniture that will suit the studio.

How to Refinish a Veneer Table

Veneer tables have a thin layer of real wood bonded to a layer of less expensive wood. You may have found that your veneer kitchen table has faded, and you don't want to buy a new one. It is possible to refinish veneer, but you have to be careful to not damage the veneer layer. Refinish a veneer tabletop by following these steps.  Prepare to Refinish the Table To refinish the veneer table, you will need: