How To Shop For Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture can add comfort and appeal to any room. However, you should know how to shop for it before you get too involved with the buying process. Buyers should understand these four things when checking out wood furniture options.

Kinds of Woods

You will find an array of options when it comes to solid hardwood furniture. Generally, the best materials are tropical woods like teak or mahogany. They tend to be durable and good-looking, but you can also expect to pay an accordingly higher price.

If you're not looking to shell out top-tier money for hardwoods, materials like cherry and cedar can be nice. Also, never be afraid to go with an old standby like oak.

These tend to be softer materials, but they're still very solid and provide excellent value for the dollar.


It is easy to focus on the wood, but a lot of the appearance boils down to how the finish interacts with the materials. First, you'll have to decide whether you want to have the piece painted or stained. Second, you'll need to choose between a light or dark look. Finally, you'll have to select between a glossy or matte finish.

When you think about the wood's finish, look at the room where the piece will sit. If it's a very sparse room with white paint, going with a dark stain that shows off the wood grain could make it a focal point of the room. That is a great choice for something like a cabinet or dresser.


Solid wood furniture can work with a lot of different styles, even ones that are seen as sterile and artificial. Wood generally works very nicely with traditional and contemporary styles because the warm colors and grains tend to go with the aesthetics. Even if you have a very modernist and sparse space, wood furniture can add a little interest and contract without being noisy. Likewise, you can purchase wood materials in shapes that conform to the main lines of the style.

Shape and Flow

The shape of a piece of solid wood furniture can give a room a better sense of visual flow. A curved table in the corner of a living room, for example, can give a boxy room a softer look. Likewise, a large bookcase or set of shelves can become a focal point for people who enter the room. You also can arrange the furniture to point toward a focal point like a window, fireplace, or large mirror.

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