How A Stand Up Desk Can Improve Your Office Space

If you own a business office, you always want your workers to be healthy and productive. However, office jobs can be demanding. The work may entail sitting on a chair and working on your computer or files for an entire day. This description may sound good for people whose jobs involve a lot of physical work. However, there are health risks involved, especially if workers don't sit in the correct posture. Stand up desks offer a solution to such problems. The desks come in different styles and sizes, with the solid wood stand up desks being the most common. Here's how standing desks can help improve your office space.

Reduced Back Pain

In the US, an average office employee can sit for about 15 hours every day. And out of these hours, there's a time when a worker won't sit in the proper posture. That may lead to many potential health problems, including compressed spine disc and degeneration of the spine. According to the Take-a-Stand Project, reducing sitting time by about 66 minutes can help reduce neck and back pain by 54 percent. Stand up desks are adjustable, and employees can change the sitting position whenever they get uncomfortable, preserving the spine's health.

Increased Burning of Calories

Office jobs may require you to work for long hours, even on the weekend, and you hardly have time to work out. You may also be so busy that you don't have time to take the stairs or take a break. Therefore, you may notice some weight gain or mental fatigue. Stand up desks can help you burn up to 88 calories every hour. You only need to adjust the desks to a standing position and work for some hours in this position. You can even stand for about 30 minutes, depending on how much your body can take. Although you may think that this caloric count is too low, this figure still makes a difference, and you may see some weight loss results with consistency. 

Increased Concentration

Standing helps workers to be more alert hence increasing concentration. Typically, when you stand, the circulatory system works more to maintain proper blood flow. Therefore, the body is more active and alert than when you sit. With stand up desks, you can adjust to the correct standing position allowing you to work while standing for long periods.

Stand up desks can help improve your office space by increasing the concentration of workers, reducing neck pain, and increasing the burning of calories. Consider investing in these desks to enjoy these benefits. For more information on standing desks, contact a furniture company such as Amish Country Furniture Sales.