Tips For Choosing The Best Dining Room Table

A table serves a simple purpose. It holds plates while you eat and paper as you write. But in spite of the simplicity of its role, a dining room table can be really tough to choose. There are just so many options to consider. Fortunately, the tips below will help you narrow down your choices and choose the dining room table that is right for you.

Measure your dining room first.

If you just look at tables and try to guess what will fit, you're really likely to choose a table that is too big or too small. Estimating the size of a room is hard, even for those who buy furniture on a regular basis. As such, use a tape measure and get the room's specific length and width. Then, subtract six feet from both dimensions to determine the maximum size of the table you should choose. This will make sure you have enough room on all sides of the table — three feet all around. For example, if your room measures 12 feet by 12 feet, you should not buy a dining room table that is larger than six feet by six feet. Of course, you can go smaller if you desire.

Either match your woodwork or contrast it completely.

Your dining room table does not have to match your woodwork. But what you don't want is for the table to look like you failed to match the woodwork. For this, you can take one of two approaches. First, you can find a dining room table that's the exact same color as your woodwork, or, alternatively, you can pick one that totally contrasts your woodwork. For example, if you have dark walnut woodwork, you can either find a dark walnut dining room table or one made from really light wood, like oak or cherry.

Choose a shape based on your overall aesthetic.

Should you get a rectangular or ovular dining room table? This is a pretty easy decision. If your home is more modern, go with the rectangle. The right angles are geometric and modern. If your home has a more traditional atmosphere, then an oval table is a better fit due to the soft lines.

Keep these tips in mind as you go about choosing the perfect dining room table. You'll love eating meals, doing homework, and writing grocery lists at this table for years to come. For more information about dining room furniture, contact a supplier.