3 Tips To Hand Down Heirloom Furniture With Restoration First

Giving a gift of heirloom furniture to a family member is a wonderful option for keeping a piece of your family alive and making use of durable furniture instead of buying new. If you have heirloom furniture that has been in your family for a long time, there's a good chance that it will need some restoration work before it is suitable for gifting.

If you're curious about what to do to make sure that the furniture can last for a long time after being given as a gift, consider the options for restoration work first.  

Consider the Recipient First

When you own several furniture pieces that could make a sentimental gift, it's best to consider who they will go to. If the recipient is a reader, for example, they may appreciate a bookshelf a lot more than someone who entertains and could be a good fit for a large dining table.

Putting some thought into what furniture would suit the recipient can make sure that the recipient uses the furniture well.  

Maintain the Original Look

With heirloom furniture that has been in your family for a long time, you're likely going to want to keep it looking as similar to the original look as possible. This means polishing and waxing the wood, but not painting over it since it can drastically change the appearance. Reupholstering any furniture with padding can take care of seating that isn't as comfortable anymore without changing the look at all.

With the original look maintained, the furniture will remain a sentimental piece of furniture and will continue to be a wonderful heirloom to continue passing down.

Check the Turnaround Time

After you've decided what piece of furniture that you're going to gift someone, it's best to see how long the reupholster business will take. There could be a deadline that you're trying to follow, such as a wedding or a recent home purchase, making it essential to find a business that can suit the schedule that you need to stick to.

Gifting heirloom furniture can be a wonderful gesture, but it's essential to take your time with this process since you don't want to cause irreversible changes or even damages. With a better idea of what furniture to spruce up and how you can go about the restoration process, you'll have an easier time getting the furniture ready to be the perfect gift for a family member.

For more information about furniture restoration, contact a local company with applicable services.