Things To Know About Queen Murphy Beds

A Murphy bed is a bed with hinges at one side that allows the bed to be folded up during times of non-use so it can be stored upright inside of a wall, tall cabinet, or closet. There are also Murphy beds that fold in a way that allows them to stack inside of what would otherwise appear to be a dresser or long cabinet. Some other common names for Murphy beds include fold-down beds, pull-down beds, or wall-beds. Murphy beds come in many styles and in different sizes. One common size is the queen-sized Murphy bed because it is large enough to safely accommodate two people, but isn't so large that it presents any issues. Here are some great things about Murphy beds, and different reasons for using one: 

Murphy beds are easy to use

Some people who have never used a Murphy bed before wonder if it's very hard to pull them down and put them back up. The good news is that they tend to be very easy to manipulate due to the lighter weight of the mattresses and the design of the hinges and other components. 

Murphy beds can transform most spaces

A Murphy bed is inconspicuous, so any room in your home can function as a normal living space most of the time. However, when you find the need for an extra bedroom, pulling the Murphy bed out and a couple of extra creative touches can have most rooms transforming instantly into a bedroom your guests will feel welcome and comfortable in. 

Murphy beds can go in storage that seconds as great room decor

You may think you are going to have to compromise the whole look of the space that you have a Murphy bed in because you will have to include a storage cabinet in the space. However, there are so many types and styles for you to choose from so you can get a Murphy bed that has a storage compartment that can look great in your space. It can have a style and color that goes with everything else and be made of materials that also go well in the room. You can choose something that gives you a nice surface to display more decor as well. Also, when the bed is pulled out, you can choose one with storage that instantly transforms into a nice-looking headboard that turns the area into an even nicer-looking guest room.