Considerations for Choosing a Type of Wood for Your Custom Bed

It's easy to make a case that your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home, given that you almost certainly use it for more hours each day than anything else. Given this reason, many people enjoy the idea of investing in a new bed by having a company build it for them. This process is exciting because you can choose the size and design of the bed, as well as what additional features it possesses. In addition to thinking about these topics, you also have the ability to choose what wood you want. Here are some considerations as you make this decision.

1. Wood Appearance

One of the first things that you'll want to think about is what appearance you want the wood to have. While the color of the stain that your custom furniture maker uses on the bed will certainly play a role in the wood's appearance, the wood itself is important to consider. Pine, for example, is often known for its knotty appearance. This can create a rustic look for furniture that many people find appealing. Maple lumber often has relatively few knots, which can make a piece of furniture made from this type of wood have a clean, modern appearance.

2. Surrounding Wood Elements

While the appearance of the wood itself might be the biggest thing to consider when you're ordering a custom wood bed, you also need to think about what other elements are present in the bedroom. For example, if you have maple hardwood flooring with a light appearance, you might not want to choose maple for your bed material because there won't be enough of a visual difference between the bed and the floor. Instead, you might wish to choose something that offers a contrasting look, such as cherry wood with a reddish stain.

3. Personal Connection

Don't be afraid to think about what personal connections you may have with different types of wood. This might not be relevant for everyone, but some individuals will quickly be able to think of a favorite wood type based on something personal. For example, if your grandparents had a maple forest on their property and you helped them to make maple syrup when you were a child, then you may have an affinity for maple. Your furniture maker can show you many samples of different woods, as well as discuss the pros and cons of each, to further provide you with information as you make your decision.

For more insight, contact custom wood furniture companies.