About Bed Size

When you are mattress shopping, one of the most important things to know ahead of time is what size to get. This will depend on which of the bedrooms you are looking to buy the mattress for. Here is information on some determining factors regarding bed size and bedrooms.

The kid's room

If you are looking for a mattress for your small child, then you should go with a twin. If they are quite tall, then you can get an extra-long twin. This is a bed with the width of a twin, but added length. The reason for going with twins in younger children's rooms is because that's really all the bed space they need and it leaves them plenty of extra room to still play on the ground with their toys, puzzles, etc. It also leaves room for their toy boxes and other things they need to fit in their bedroom. You can also find twin bunk beds that are great if your child likes to have sleepovers with their friends. 

The guest room

If the mattress will be going in the guest room, then you may want to get a full or a queen. The size you get will depend on how large the room is, how many things are in it, what you use it for when you don't have guests, and who generally comes to visit. A full can work for two somewhat smaller individuals and can be best if the room is fairly small or has a lot of furniture in it. Also, a full may be best if you also use the guest room as your office. A queen may be best if you generally have larger people visit, and if you have plenty of room in the guest bedroom.

The master bedroom

If the mattress you are looking for is going in the master bedroom, then you will likely be trying to decide between a queen or a king. If only one person will be sleeping in the bed, then a queen will work, but since most master bedrooms tend to have plenty of space, you may want to go with a king. A king helps take up some of that extra space and many people find it a pleasure to have all of that extra bed room to move around in, especially if they tend to toss and turn in their sleep.

For more information, contact a local mattress store.