How Many Pieces Should You Buy In A Living Room Set?

Purchasing a living room set can be a great way to save money and time. But not all living room sets are created equal. They vary in complexity, size, number of pieces, and design. Before you head out to the furniture showroom, then, you do well to start by deciding how many pieces you will look for in a set.

How can you make the right decision for your situation? Here are a few key factors. 

1. Your Budget. How much do you want to spend on a living room set? Logically, the more major pieces are included, the more it will cost. Shoppers who are on a budget but still want the added accessories that come with most living room sets can save money by opting for one or two fewer furniture items in exchange for the ability to get the rug, lamps, or art that will make the set feel whole.

2. Your Room Size. Along with the budget, the size and shape of your living room should be the biggest factor in how large a set to buy. Attempting to squeeze a lot of furniture into a room that's too small will make the room seem small, cluttered, or claustrophobic. Conversely, putting in nothing but a couch and recliner in a large room will often leave it cold and uninviting. Let the room size — rather than usage — be one of your primary guides.  

3. Your Decorative Needs. One big advantage of buying a living room set as a whole unit is that you don't have to figure out how to decorate the room. If you're not an artistic person or don't have an interior decorative flair, the more pieces you buy together, the better. However, if you want to decorate with your own touches, you'll want a more stripped-down, basic set. 

4. Your Current Furnishings. Usually, a room that is being made over contains at least a few existing items that will stay. Start by determining what furniture or accessories you don't want to part with. With these as a skeleton, you can choose a living room set that either doesn't include new forms of existing pieces or for which you might be able to swap out other items. 

By deciding your actual room needs and goals before furniture shopping, you can easily and quickly pick out a set that meets all of them. Want to know more about furniture set options? Start by visiting a home furniture showroom in your area today.