Why You Should Choose A Bunk Bed With Stairs, Rather Than A Ladder

When you're shopping for a bunk bed for your children's bedroom, considering the method of climbing to the top bunk is an important topic. While you might immediately think about a bunk bed that has a ladder, another option is one with a small set of stairs. This design is increasingly common, and it's definitely a feature that you should look for when you shop. Provided that this style of bunk bed fits your overall list of criteria — size, color, price, and more — here are some reasons to choose it.

Safer To Use

There's little question that it's safer for a child to use a set of stairs than a ladder when it comes to accessing the top bunk. While most children can climb ladders with ease, this isn't the case for everyone — especially when the child needs to use the ladder at night to go to the bathroom. You'll feel a lot more confident in your child's ability to take the stairs to and from his or her top bunk in a safe manner than you would in your child's ability to navigate a ladder in the middle of the night.

Less Conflict

Ideally, the children who share the bunk bed will get along most of the time. If not, you'll face several challenges of having the children sharing a bedroom. Even children who get along, however, can occasionally have conflicts between them. A ladder can be problematic because it passes directly past the bottom bunk. The child on the bottom bunk could reach out and hit the other child who is using the ladder, potentially trying to knock him or her off the ladder. With a set of stairs at one end of the bunk bed, the child who uses the upper bunk can climb up and down without passing directly past his or her sibling.

Not In The Way

The child on the lower bunk may not like the idea of a ladder being adjacent to his or her sleeping space. This child could bump into the ladder while getting in or out of bed in the night, and while these ladders commonly slide back and forth, it's a hassle to have to constantly move them. Additionally, moving the ladder can be loud, which may cause the child on the upper bunk to wake up. When you choose a bunk bed that has a staircase at one end, you'll appreciate how it's not in the way for the lower child.

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