How To Buy A Dining Table That's Perfect For Your Home And Lifestyle

Choosing the right dining table for your home is a big decision. You want something that matches your décor, fits the space, and gives you value for your money. There are many types of tables, so visit a dining table store to get a feel for the sizes, shapes, and styles available. You could even take pictures of tables you like and then view them at home to find something that matches your home well. Here are some other tips for picking out a new dining table.

Know The Right Size

Understanding the right size for your room is important. Measure the space you have for a table, and don't forget to add a few feet on all sides to allow room for chairs to move. Once you know how much space you need, think about how many people you'll feed routinely and on special occasions. You may want a table that has a drop-down leaf for a small apartment, or a table with a removable leaf for a home, so the table can expand when you have additional guests.

Choose The Shape And Style

Dining room tables are rectangular, square, round, or oval. The shape you choose depends on the shape of the room so the table fills the room up nicely. You might also want to consider space since a round or oval table might allow more room for people to get to their chairs. The chairs you choose for your new dining table will also affect its appearance and seating spaces. If you have small kids, you might want a bench for one side so you can fit more kids at the table.

Select The Furniture Material

Choosing the material your table is made of is a matter of matching or complementing your décor. A glass table allows light to flow through and can make a cramped area seem larger. You can choose a table made from different species of wood or a table with a marble or granite top. Consider if you want the dining table to last for decades or if this is a temporary table for an apartment. You can buy a trendy table, such as a mid-century modern style made with plastic or steel, but it may not be fashionable in a few years. Classic wood tables never go out of style.

Be sure to ask about the return policy when you buy your new dining table because the only way to know if you'll love it is when you see it in your home. However, if you take careful measurements and consider the style, shape, and color before you shop, you may recognize the perfect table as soon as you enter the showroom.