3 Distinctive Looks Using The Same Living Room Furniture

If you are on-the-fence about buying new furnishings for your living room or are unsure what design path to take, relax. Go ahead and buy staple furniture items that can be used and reconfigured in at least three different and distinctive looks. Choose the style that suits you best, using a basic sofa, chair, coffee table, and lamp, with some unique and re-purposed accents and extras.  

1. Family-Friendly and Fun

Arrange your staple furnishings in a configuration around the perimeter of your room, to allow as much open floor-space as possible. This will accommodate games on the floor, rowdy activities, or slumber parties. Choose a plush rug for the floor and cute storage cubes for extra seating and added storage; this is a practical design idea for families with small children and pets that want to keep their living room simple and comfortable.

2. Modern and Minimalist

Take these same basic pieces and go in an entirely different route: a modern, minimalist living room. Create an intimate conversation space in the room with the sofa, chair, coffee table, and lamp, but use woven mats or floor cloths to cover your floor. Some other tips for streamlining your living room are:

  • Remove heavy window treatments and use paper shades or pull shades instead.
  • Get rid of a lot of textiles, pillows, and fabric that bulks up your seating arrangement or space.
  • Use crisp, fresh neutrals on the wall with tiny pops of your favorite accent color. Paint the ceilings, walls, and moldings the same light, neutral shade.

Keep in mind that your room will appear more-minimalist if you can see the floor underneath your furnishings, so keep clutter and objects to a minimum.

3. Classic and Chic

Dress-up your basic staples with a fringed, patterned area rug underfoot and a unique pendant light fixture, which could be the room's focal point. Choose wall art, collectibles, and distinctive objects to highlight with small task lamps or gallery lights. Arrange furniture along the walls, but save room for an ornate mirror on an interior wall; this will reflect light and make your room seem grander.

Naturally, you don't have to restrict yourself to one specific sofa and chair when rethinking your living room, but it is good to know that quality furniture staples are versatile enough to grow and change, along with your style preferences.

Visit furniture retail venues on-site or online to find great options in living room furniture. Know that the sticking to simple styles in durable materials will work best when you look for longevity and versatility in how you configure your space. Consider these three different perspectives with the same furnishings when arranging your own distinct space.