Is Your Outdoor Fence Ready For Winter? How To Protect It From The Brutal Weather

As soon as you start feeling that chill in the air, you know that winter won't be far behind. At that moment, it's time to start getting your home ready for the cold winter weather. One area that you might not have thought about is your fence. It's easy to overlook a part of your home that you don't use on a daily basis. However, overlooking your fence during the winter can lead to serious damage. Luckily, it doesn't take much to get your fence ready for winter. Here are three steps you can take to protect your fence this winter.

Prepare for the Changing Scenery

When it comes to protecting your fence, one of the most important things you can do is prepare for the changing scenery. This is particularly important when it comes to the issue of snow. For instance, a white vinyl fence may not stand out during a snowstorm. If you have a white vinyl fence, it's important that you make it more noticeable to motorists during the winter. Making your fence more visible will not only protect it from damage, it will also protect passing motorists who can't see a white fence in the snow

Clear a Path Around the Fence

Whether you're anticipating a winter filled with snow and ice, or a winter full of rain and mud, you'll need to clear a path around the fence. It's common to let snow and debris collect around the base of your fence. Unfortunately, doing that is a great way to end up with a damaged fence. Allowing snow or soggy debris to collect around a wood fence will eventually lead to wood rot. Allowing snow and soggy debris to collect around a vinyl fence will cause the vinyl to become brittle and fall apart. Likewise, allowing snow and soggy debris to collect around a chain link or aluminum fence will eventually lead to rust and corrosion. To avoid damage, regardless of the type of fence you have, go out several times a week and clear a path around your fence. 

Make Sure Your Wood Fence Can Withstand the Moisture

If you have a wood fence, it's crucial that you make sure it will be able to withstand the moisture it will be exposed to this winter. Moisture comes in a variety of ways. It can come from the snow and ice that accumulate on your fence, or it can come from those torrential winter rainstorms. To make sure your wood fence is ready for the added moisture, you need to give it a fresh coat of waterproofing sealant. If you aren't sure which product would work best, contact a professional like Fontanna  Outdoors Llc for more information. While the weather is still mild, head outside and apply a fresh coat of waterproofing sealant to your wood fence. Once it dries, spray it down with your garden hose. Apply a second coat if the water doesn't bead up across the entire surface of your fence. The beading shows that your fence is waterproof and ready for winter.