Refurnishing Your Master Bedroom

After years of living inside your home, you may start itching to make changes and update various spaces. One room that is likely to need attention is your master bedroom. In the past, you may have chosen a bed and other pieces depending on your tastes or what you could afford at the time. Now that you've got the opportunity to refurnish the room, it's worth paying attention to these factors while taking on this project.

Try Modern Pieces

If your bedroom is already decked out with traditional furniture pieces, that may have been one of the reasons you wanted to update the room to begin with. Traditional pieces can sometimes seem bulky and take up more space than you're willing to part with these days. They may no longer fit your personality. You might want to brighten the space with clean, modern pieces instead. Modern pieces can not only update the space, but are often made of more modern materials that will be of benefit. For instance, a modern lounge chair could be upholstered with fabric that is more stain-resistant than any of the older, traditional pieces that you currently own.

Remember Vertical Space

With a master bedroom, it's easy to concentrate on drawers, tables and other furniture you'll be placing on the floor. However, you may be able to create more room for exercise and other activities if you make use of the wall space available. For instance, getting rid of an armoire and installing a TV mount on a wall could work well. Using vertical wall shelves for your alarm clock, watch and books instead of a side table may be a possibility.

Reconsider Smaller Pieces

Making efforts to clear floor space can go too far if you're not careful. You might be trying to stick with coffee tables and other pieces that are small because you think you'll save room, but you could make the error of purchasing furniture that won't serve your needs. That tiny table might not hold much, for instance. If you're unsure, measure the master bedroom and each piece so you know what kind of available space you'll have once the furniture is delivered. You might end up being able to get pieces that are larger than you expected to buy.

Your bedroom furniture can give your room an entirely fresh, new look. Visit modern furniture stores to get fantastic ideas about how you can refurnish the space. Go to a site like for more ideas.