4 Bunk Beds Ideas That Are Creative & Efficient Space Savers

Bunk beds are unique structures that can be purchased readymade or custom built especially for your home. If you have a house with small rooms, bunk beds can be very efficient space savers. They can also be unique private play and study areas to be used by children when not sleeping. Here are some bunk bed designs that can be customized and installed in your home: 

Tented Bunk Beds:  The side rails on a top bunk bed can be extended to create a framework to hang canvas panels and a canvas roof to make a tent. Kids will love the privacy of their own tented space where they can sleep or read whenever they want.

Curtain rods can be installed on the bottom of the top bunk bed to create an additional tented bunk bed underneath. The sides of the tents can be gathered up and tied around the canvas roof whenever less privacy is desired. Clear marine vinyl fabric (available at fabric stores) can be sewn into the canvas side panels to create small windows in the tents with their own pull-down fabric shades. 

Murphy Bunk Beds:  Instead of using the standard bunk bed framework structure, bunk beds can be hung on an adjacent wall so that they can be pulled down when needed and pushed up and out of the way when more space is wanted in the room. This space-saving design combines bunk beds with traditional murphy beds. When pulled down for sleeping, each bunk bed can use chains bolted into the adjacent wall as a support system. A small movable ladder can be used to access the top bunk.

Cross-Directional Bunk Beds:  A bunk bed can be built with the top bunk positioned next to a wall and the bottom bunk positioned at a 45º angle to the top bunk. This leaves ample space under the top bunk and on both sides of the bottom bunk to create shelving, storage drawers, and 2 desks. A stairway can be built on one side of the bunk beds to provide easy access to the top bunk. 

Multiple Bunk Beds:  For a family with 3 children, bunk beds can be triple stacked on top of each other. Each sleeping space can be electrically wired to provide a reading light for each child. For a family with 4 children, two bunk beds can be placed side-by-side with a central stairway between them for top bunk access. 

Many of these and other bunk bed styles are available ready-made. Check with local furniture stores like Bruce The Bed King to see the bunk beds that they have in stock or contact a carpenter for custom-built bunk beds for your home. Bunk beds can be fun for your children and the answer to your space problems.