Tips And Ideas To Keep In Mind When Furnishing And Styling Your Dining Room

Decorating any portion of your home may feel very stressful. Choosing furniture that fits the space, matches your décor and style, and is made of the right materials/colors can all be pretty stressful. When looking for dining room furniture, you should keep a few things in mind so you aren't overwhelming the space you have. See below for some tips and ideas to keep in mind when redecorating your dining room.

Keep Scale In Mind

Grab a measuring tape and take a few measurements before going out and purchasing furniture of any kind. Think about what you want in your dining room, such as a table/chairs, hutch/buffet, and area rug. Use tape to mark the measurements on your floor to give you an idea of how much room you will have.

  1. Area Rug. For an area rug, you'll need to keep at least 12–18 inches between the wall and the area rug. Also, the rug should mimic the shape of the table, so if you have a rectangle table, you should have a rectangle rug. A round table should have a round rug. 
  2. Table/Chairs.  Keep at least 36 inches between the walls and the edge of the table. This gives plenty of room to move around the table without bumping into the table or needing to squeeze to get into a chair. Also keep at least 6 inches between each chair, so don't try to cram too many chairs around your table. This provides enough elbow room for each of your guests.
  3. Hutch/Buffet. If your table takes up most of the space in your dining room, you may want to skip the hutch/buffet and instead opt for shelves on your wall to hold your collectibles or china. 
  4. Other Tips. Keep at least 66 inches between the floor and the bottom of your light fixture. This allows plenty of light in the room, without any dark shadows being cast from low-hanging lights. It also helps prevent anyone from bumping their heads on a light fixture that is too low. 

Once you have the scale in mind, you can go out to choose furniture. This helps narrow down what type/size furniture will work in your dining room. 

Styling And Decorating

When styling your dining room, be sure not to overwhelm the space with too much decoration so it looks too cluttered.

  1. Table Centerpiece. Keep centerpieces to three or four different sized pieces, and to fit only in the center of your table. Anything more than that is no longer a centerpiece.
  2. Hutch/Buffet. When decorating a hutch, be sure not to overwhelm the space too much by keeping distance between your items. Use items of differing heights, choose a color scheme and stick to it, and be sure to add in greenery. 

When decorating or choosing furniture, look for something that matches with your decorative style. Take your time to look around for what you want and for what will work with your space. Follow the tips above to help make the process a little less stressful. Check out a company like Furniture Classics to get started.