How To Style Your Living Room Around A White Couch Or Sofa

If you have a white couch or sofa in your living room, it can be a great starting point for a variety of different home-decor looks. Because it's a neutral hue, your color-combination and theme options are almost limitless. A white couch will allow you to give your living room anything from a refined, sophisticated look to a whimsical, beach-inspired vibe.

No matter how you decide to style your white couch, it's important to keep it as clean and stain-free as possible, since its color will allow every imperfection to show. Since white fabric is so easy to get soiled, consider enhancing it with a stain-guard product, especially if you have pets and/or kids. 

Here are some design ideas to consider when decorating your living room around a crisp, white couch or sofa:

Modern Appeal 

If you love a modern decor style, a white couch is the perfect place to start. Choose black furniture pieces, such as a coffee with silver legs, side tables, and an entertainment center. Create a cohesive look by placing a large area rug featuring a black-and-white geometric design in the center of the room. 

Add other silver touches throughout the space, such as a metallic vase holding white roses on the fireplace mantel, silver picture frames, and silver candle holders. If you want to add a pop of color, stick to bold hues such as red, teal, or dark purple. Place pillows featuring one or all of the colors on the couch, and drape a coordinating throw blanket over the back. 

Vintage Design 

You can also use a white sofa or couch to set the stage for a shabby-chic–inspired living room featuring vintage elements throughout. Shabby-chic style consists of comfortable pieces and timeworn details, such as whitewashed wood, mixed with luxe touches.

As one idea, enhance the white couch with down pillows featuring pink cabbage rose designs, and complement the look with a soft pink cashmere throw blanket. Decorate a rough-hewn barn wood coffee table with gold candle holders and a crystal vase filled with vibrant wildflowers or white roses. 

Beach-Inspired Theme 

A classic white couch can also inspire a casual beach-house look. Start by placing a sand-colored area rug made of a natural fabric, such as jute, in the middle of the living room. You can also choose a rug featuring beach-inspired starfish, seashell, or coral designs instead. 

Continue with the breezy feel by painting the walls a soft turquoise or light blue shade and hanging airy white curtains or bamboo blinds. Use seashells collected during family vacations as vase fillers, or glue them around plain wood picture frames to create one-of-a-kind decor. 

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