Home Sweet Work -- 4 Tips For Creating A Great Home Office

If you're planning to set up your first home office, you have a task that many people aren't particularly experienced in. And while it may seem like a small and inconsequential part of starting a home-based business, the design of your office can go a long way toward making your experience good or bad. Here are 4 top tips for your new home office.

Find a Good Location. You may have limited choices when it comes to where to place the office, but give it some creative thought before settling on a space. You'll likely be spending a lot of time in this room, so it should be comfortable, well-lit, and maybe even have a nice view. In addition to avoiding a cramped and dreary setting, make the space work with your personality. Do you need to be away from distraction? Will clients or vendors be meeting in the room? If so, should you have an outside entrance or at least a clear path through the public parts of the home? Do you need room to move around, or are you at your best if you stay focused? Assess your working style, then look for a space -- even if you have to think outside the box -- that will help satisfy that style.

Don't Skimp on Furnishings. Yes, your budget is likely very small when starting out. But, purchasing cheap furniture -- or, even worse, making do with what you have on hand -- can be a recipe for lousy days and miserable nights. Budget for at least the minimum of functional, modern furniture: chair, desk, computer station, work table, shelves, and the like. Your chair should be ergonomic, comfortable, and look nice. Spend some time in a furniture store or two trying out pieces before deciding on what you need to make it through those long early days. To find great furniture for low prices, visit AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses

Be Organized. The last thing your new business needs is a bunch of files, small equipment, office supplies, and paperwork cluttering up the place. Invest in organizational tools even before you need them. For example, equipment like filing cabinets, vertical wall hangers, drawer organizers, supply caddies, and cabinets with doors can be helpful to organize your space. If possible, opt for a home office that's a little larger than you need right now so you have room to grow and spread out. 

Be Homey. While this is an office and should be treated as one, it should also be a space that somewhat reflects your personality and your style. Paint it a fun color, rather than a boring beige. Add a few personalized accessories -- like a framed vacation photo on the wall or a souvenir ball from your favorite team -- to help you feel more at home. Create a place you want to spend time in, but don't overdo it with reminders of things you'd rather be spending your time doing. 

By following these few guidelines when designing your home office, you can help get your entrepreneurial experience off to a great start.